Minolta 16 Cable Release

I started with a strip of brass, 0.020 inch (0.5 mm) thick and 0.250 inch (6.4 mm) wide, 2.062 inches (52 mm) long. I bent approximately 0.125 (3.2 mm) inch of the end back on itself, making sure it would slip over the edge of the Minolta tripod/flash bracket. I drilled a 0.125 (3.2 mm) inch hole in the other end and soldered a 6/32 brass nut on top of the brass strip, centered over the drilled hole.

To use the cable release bracket, insert it under the tripod/flash bracket, positioning the threaded nut over the shutter release button on the Minolta 16, and snap the tripod/flash bracket closed. Thread your release cable into the nut and squeeze to release the shutter.