Materials List

The list of materials is very small. I used a Kodak Series IV Filter adapter, some 0.015" brass stock and a strip of self-adhesive foam. The brass stock was cut to 1 inch wide and the foam was a strip cut from a sheet of Walmart "foamies", 0.931" (15/16") wide.


I cut a 0.562" (9/16") hole in the brass strip, 0.500" (1/2") from one end and centered on the strip. After rounding the corners, the strip was then bent at the following places:

Beginning at the end where the hole was cut,

1. Make a 90 degree bend at 0.875" (7/8").

2. Make a 15 to 20 degree bend, 0.125" (1/8") from the end.

Beginning at the end opposite from the hole,

3. Make a 90 degree bend 0.688" (11/16") from the end.

Next I ground the rear of the Kodak filter adapter flat and soldered it to the brass strip, painted it flat black and trimmed and attached the foam strip to the inside.

Here are some pictures of the filter adapter on my LX, the last one without the lens hood and with an orange filter instead of the red one in the other pictures.

As an added bonus, this filter adapter also fits my IIIS, B and C. Since it doesn't cover the photocell, I will have to compensate using the ASA setting dial.